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Chest Of Drawers – More Than Just Somewhere To Store Your Underwear!

You have wardrobes, possibly a blanket chest and maybe under-bed storage, but you still need that little bit extra to store, well, your underwear. We don’t hang our underwear, or at least I don’t! We do however need somewhere to store underwear and other small items in our bedrooms. A chest of drawers is ideal as storage for all those smaller things that would get lost in our wardrobes or other storage areas. As a solution for keeping things safe and at hand, a chest of drawers is hard to beat.

Don’t think you need to sacrifice looks for practicality. A set of drawers may be a highly functional piece of furniture but it can still look attractive in your bedroom. If you have wardrobes and bedside cabinets then you should be able to get a chest of drawers to match those items. You can get a basic, standard set of drawers, but why not go for something a little bit different. You can get some pieces that have a combination of different sizes. These not only look great but also offer more versatile storage options. chest of drawers 

There is an incredible amount of storage available in a chest of drawers. You can get some with extra deep drawers, or very small drawers. Therefore, you will have the option in some combination of chest of drawers to store everything from bulky blankets to those more skimpy items that we don’t want on show to the world at large! Not only are they functional; they can be very beautiful pieces of furniture. The best thing about buying any drawers for your bedroom is they are in a huge range of sizes, so there will be something to fit into whatever dimensions your room has.

You may think you have plenty of storage space in your bedroom, but take a look in the wardrobe for example. Do you have items, folded in there such as t-shirts? Maybe you fold your heavier items like denims. Well you can free up space in your wardrobe by having a chest of drawers in your room. Many people need more hanging space for dress clothes, so storing some clothes in a set of drawers will free up that essential space for you. You can also store things like belts, and jewelery in the drawers as you can get draw dividers for just such a purpose.

Some people may think of a set of drawers as an ugly piece of furniture that they really don’t want cluttering up their bedrooms. Nothing could be further from the truth, there are some sleek, contemporary designs that will look great, and give you loads of additional storage. A chest of drawers can be a versatile piece of furniture, along with the storage inside; you have an expanse of space on top. You can put a TV on top of a chest of drawers, or have a mirror on there along with your perfumes, aftershaves and jewelery.

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