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14 Things That Can Ruin a First Date

So, your date didn’t go as well as you thought it would. As you fill up with a fluster of emotions trying to figure out what went wrong, perhaps this article can help shed some light. For once, your date showing up late may be considered acceptable compared to the following list of No-No’s:

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TMI!. Otherwise known as Too Much Information! Let’s define, shall we? When she tells you she dresses up her cats as the characters from LOST-TMI! Voluntarily confessing you’re in therapy for whatever reason-TMI!

Talking about marriage and children. Unless you’ve picked up hints of the two of you being on the same page, refrain from just “throwing it out there!” Remember, only fools rush in!

Who Pays? “Since I paid for dinner, you pay for the movie.” Come again? Tacky at its best! Generally, a guy should pick up the tab on the first date; shows character.

Bragging. Maybe you took it a little too much to heart when your mom told you you’re the most special person in the whole world. Of course your mother referring to you as ‘special’ may not be what others have in mind. Talking too much about yourself, taking over the conversation, how much is in your piggy bank, what kind of Tonka Truck you speed in, is NOT IMPRESSIVE! Do yourself a quick favor: get over yourself!

Under-whelming. As your evil twin, “the bragger,” if you fail to deliver interesting stories or enlightening facts about yourself, your date may lose interest.

Communication…or lack thereof. Uncomfortable silence…err….what to do, what to do? Nerves can sometimes get to the best of us, but, if the conversation becomes one-sided, your date may believe you’re not interested when in fact you really are. Loosen up! Try not to sabotage a good thing.

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Talking about ex’s. You’re on a date with HIM, he’s on a date with YOU-pay attention to each other, not your ex’s. Oh, and here’s a definite deal-breaker: telling your date you remind them of their ex-oh boy! In fact, try not to talk about other females or males in general. Point taken? Good!

Assuming you’ll “close the deal” by the end of the night. You’re out of luck, buddy…or buddette! Your date will feel quite disrespected if this was really your main goal for the evening.

Insulting your date. What you may see as constructive criticism, others may see as a personal attack. Rudely commenting on where in the world she found that interesting hat or ridiculing her on choosing a superficial job in fashion are unwelcome.

Treating your server poorly. This is most probably a reflection of how your date treats others in their life….be careful, this could be you!

Diverting your attention. Even if you’ve lost interest in your date (and appetite) only after finishing your salad, do respect and pay attention when your date’s talking to you. Don’t look around the room at the opposite sex or let you mind wander because you’re over it.

Answering your cell phone. Danger! Danger, Will Robinson! DO NOT BREAK THE CARDINAL RULE OF DATING. There’s nothing like showing how unimportant your date is when you say, “This’ll just take a sec!” to answer your phone or return a text. If you’re expecting an important call regarding a legitimate reason, tell your date at the beginning of you outing in order to avoid any surprises.

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